Wicked the Musical Inspired "defy gravity" Bracelet

Product discription

The inspiration for this bangles comes from the "Defying Gravity" song from the musical "Wicked". Elphaba and Glinda sing a duet to each other "There's no fight we cannot win...Just you and I...Defying gravity...With you and I...Defying gravity." If you haven't heard the song, listenhere. Share this gift with someone that makes you feel like you can defy gravity.

The bangle includes: a stamped "defy gravity" charm, a witch hat charm, a broom charm, a green bead charm, and a black bead charm.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy (non-irritating and environmentally safe)
  • Diameter: 6cm (can be adjusted slightly)
  • Pendant size: 2cm (0.75”)
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